Short-Cycling of Ac

Short-cycling is when your AC might be turning on and off too frequently, without making the temperature at your home cool and comfortable enough. Here’s what causes short-cycling and how can you prevent it:

  • If it’s not checked at least once a month, the air filter might become clogged, resulting in short-cycling.
  • If the cooling system is losing refrigerant, services for an emergency AC repair in Dubai must be availed.
  • If the thermostat is not working properly, turn it off and clean all dust and dirt inside the unit. Then turn it back on and check if it helps. If not, get in touch with providers of AC servicing in Dubai.
  • In case the unit is too large for your home, your only option is to replace it with a new and proper sized AC system.

As the AC turns on and off more often due to short-cycling, its mechanical parts may suffer from heavy wear and tear, and a lot of energy is wasted too. As a result, you may have to get its repairs done more frequently, causing heavier expenses on its maintenance, as well as your electric bills- as the system never gets a break, the compressor keeps cycling on and off continually in order to achieve the desired temperature in the room, thereby getting your electric bills much higher.

Further, the entire life of your system is shortened, because of all the wear and tear. So, if you’ve been expecting around 15-20 years of use of your AC, you’ll have to get it replaced much sooner than that, which is going to be an expensive expense overall.

If you think your AC might be short-cycling but unsure of it, first check if the filter is clogged. If the problem persists, and you suspect some mechanical issue with your AC, you should contact good service providers of emergency AC repair in Dubai.

Proper care with our leading services for emergency AC repair in Dubai will ensure you save power and money, as well as keep your home in a cool, comfortable and optimal temperature through the extreme Summers of Dubai.

In a city like Dubai, which is so big and polluted, and has such an extreme Summer, an AC has not just become a basic amenity, but keeping it well-maintained and in proper functioning state is a necessity. Usually, a clean-up once a year is recommended; but, to be on the safe side, you should hire our best services for emergency AC repair in Dubai also if you face or suspect short-cycling.

We’re the best option for AC servicing in Dubai- and we’re just a call away. With our most experienced, reliable and respectful team of experts, we assure you the best services for emergency AC repair in Dubai.

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