Tips to Avoid Sudden AC Breakdowns

During the extreme heat of the Summers in Dubai, you may require to keep your AC on throughout the days and nights, which leads to higher than usual electricity bills. However, this can be controlled by making sure that your AC is running efficiently and not “overtime”. Here are a few tips that can come handy if you want to keep your electric bills within budget this Summertime, by ensuring that your AC is functioning optimally and efficiently:

  • Try running your AC at a one-degree warmer temperature than you normally would- this helps to cut down on the cooling costs and keeps the electric bill for the month comparatively lower. Keep your AC running at an optimal range of temperature between 24-26 degrees.

  • Try keeping your windows covered as much as possible, to minimize the heat exchange. Use curtains or roller blinds that are light-colored on the outside, to reflect the heat outside to a large extent. Also, keep your windows open to maximize airflow and allow circulation of fresh air.

  • If you’re buying a new AC, or replacing your old system, always keep the size of your area to be cooled in mind. A cooling system that’s too small will need to run harder and constantly to cool it, causing more energy consumption, while one that’s too big may result in frequent cycles, leading to more wear and tear and power consumption.

  • The blowers must be cleaned regularly, and the filters and coils must be replaced as per necessity, to ensure that dust particles don’t make your AC consume more electricity and power. If you suspect any kind of clogging or obstruction causing reduced airflow in your system, you can easily hire our expert technicians for AC cleaning, AC maintenance, and AC repair in Dubai– we’re just a call away.

  • Did you know that all electronic devices, including your TV, washing machine, microwave oven, music system, and even cell phone chargers, draw in energy and release heat- even when they’re turned off? Hence, unplugging them when not in use is essential, to avoid unnecessary hard work and power consumption by your AC.

  • Get your AC serviced annually. Schedule an annual maintenance for your AC, to ensure its efficient functioning at optimum temperature, for an extended lifespan.

Our services for AC repair in Dubai ensure that your AC keeps the room temperature optimal throughout the Summer heat, so that you can relax at your home without having to be worried about heavy expenses on replacement later on.

We, at MMZ Technical Services, take pride as a renowned Dubai AC company, and our pro team is committed to keeping all our clients delighted and their ACs as good as new. Reach out to us for AC repair in Dubai- our team of pros will bring the smile back on your face, for sure!

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