Building Cleaning Services

When the air quality in your building is not clean, it may result in many long-term and short-term effects for the residents living in there. This means that expectations of comfort remain nowhere. 

A few short-term effects of bad indoor air quality include sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and sore throat, coughing, dizziness, and headaches. Residents might even start feeling tired, sleepless or restless, oras if they can’t get comfortable on sitting or lying down.

Long-term effects are usually the same, but the symptoms can get worse over time with illnesses such as allergies and asthma flaring up to the point where onemay not be able to live in the same place any longer. Low indoor air quality also can affect a person’s sensitivity to pollutants in the long run. Hire our cleaning company in Dubai to minimize all such possibilities.

Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air that is within and around your building. The quality of air within a building is a mix of both inside and outside agitators.  

The 3 main things that affect the quality of indoor air include:

  • allergens;
  • scents, chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and
  • outdoor air pollution.

The main allergens found inside include dust, mould, pests and bugs. Additionally, dead skin cells get mixed with the dust and dander,sticking on to almost every surface present in the space,including walls, floors, bedding, couches, chairs,everywhere. 

The kinds of allergens found outside that can migrate inside are mainly pollen and mould, although scents, chemical smells and dust from outside can get inside as well. Pollen acts in a similar way as dust and dander, sticking to clothes, hair, bedding and everywhere around the rooms. 

Mouldsmay show up all over the house,not only the bathroom if it’s not clean. It can grow on clothes, near other sinks and appliances, and even in basements. Our cleaning services in Dubai ensure that all such harmful growths are dealt with.

Cockroaches, among other bugs,may end up causing severe health hazards. They, along with other pests, allergens, and microbial organisms,may cause asthma and allergies among other serious diseases, and can hide in places that you can’t even imagine! Hire our renowned home cleaning services in Dubai to prevent such health hazards.

Even if you want to set us up to clean after office hours, you may think that courteousness is not as necessary for the job. But we understand the importance of being courteous, especially when some of your employees are working late or coming in early when our cleaning staff is around.

More than anything else, we understand that you want your office cleaning to be done efficiently. After all, you and all your employees are going to be working herefor 8 hours. So, the environment must be clean, dust-free, and uplifting, so that you don’t feel bothered by the dirt that you see around you, and your working spaceremains dust-free and sparkling.