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Are you in Need of Commercial AC Repair?

Air conditioners have become one of the basic amenities owing to the weather conditions. These air conditioners not only cool the room temperature but also conditions the air, retain moisture, and maintain a steady temperature. AC Repair Dubai A suitable temperature maintained by the air conditioner increases our work efficiency and provides us sound sleep and adequate rest throughout the night, making us feel fresh the next day.  Our lifestyle has become so much addicted to these air conditioners that when a problem arises, we become impatient to get it solved as soon as possible.

Here we are to help you out with some of the points you can check and implement when your air conditioner suddenly needs repair.

Ways to deal when AC suddenly starts throwing hot air instead of cooling.

Malfunction of the outdoor unit due to unwanted debris: In this case, some unwanted debris like dry leaves or twigs may hinder the outdoor unit’s path, resulting in poor air circulation around the unit. This calls for clearance of the area surrounding the outdoor chamber to ensure smooth functioning. You are also required to check if the fan is working correctly or not and call for a repairer for further damage.

Thermostat not functioning correctly: At some intervals, the thermostat does not maintain the required moisture or cool the surrounding temperature. emergency ac repair dubai This requires the immediate action of adjusting the temperature to auto mode and testing of AC’s functioning. If the problem persists, you need to change thermostat batteries or replace the thermostat if it does not provide the temperature changes.

Air Filter accumulates dirt: A clogged air filter can ultimately lead to high electricity bills and frozen coil as the air passage gets obstructed with the accumulation of dirt. Air filter varies according to installation areas and needs to be changed between 30 to 90 days for optimum air circulation and quality. Homes with babies or pets and those near construction sites tend to become dustier and need to be changed frequently.

Burning of Capacitor:  Two capacitors are generally installed in a compressor unit. One to start the system, and the second capacitor is to run the system. If either of these capacitors gets burned due to overloading or voltage fluctuations, it will lead to the whole system’s breakdown. It is advisable to get them checked by a repairman to avoid accidents.

Leaking of Refrigerant: In some cases, refrigerant leakage may occur, leading to excessive heating, excessive cooling, or excessive humidity unexpectedly in the room. ac service in dubai Refrigerant is a crucial component in the Air Conditioning unit’s efficient functioning as the compressor functions correctly due to this refrigerant gas present. The system may require sealing at places of leakage and refilling of refrigerant to protect the environment and the AC unit.

Poor functioning of Air Ducts: Few cases reportedly cause wearing of air ducts due to factors like- poor installation or improper design, Damp odors, Noise during operation, Unstable temperatures, and insufficient airflow. These demands changing of air ducts and failure to do so may result in unusually high bills due to improper usage.

In some cases, ice starts forms on the evaporator coil leading to water collection under the AC unit. This needs to be repaired to avoid further damage to the coil and for the system to work smoothly. Sometimes circuit breakers may also trip either accidentally or due to malfunction of electrical components. AC Repair In this case, you need to restart the system, and if tripping reoccurs, its electrical parts need to be immediately checked and replaced. Failure to do so may increase the voltage fluctuations leading to a breakdown of the whole system.